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Rosemetals Company Pvt. Ltd. is founded in 2007 in New Delhi, India. Our main business activities are used car  catalytic converter collection and recycling. Within five years, Rosemetals Pvt. Ltd. became one of the largests collectors of used car catalytic converters in India.

We, Rosemetals Pvt Ltd, are representatives of the largest German and Italian refineries who all treat and refine precious metals from industrial scrap and residues.

We offer our clients a cost and quality effective solution, pertaining to used pharmaceutical catalysts, in the following probabilities:

  • Buy the used Catalysts
  • Give the precious metal back after treating or sell the metal on fixed prices of LME (London Metal Exchange) and transfer the money.

The ROSEMETALS offers its customers expert metal recycling with customized processing concepts. The experience we have gained over our working years in business stands for competence in the processing of precious metals.

Company specializes in the processing and recovery of precious metals such as gold, silver ,platinum, palladium, rhodium and ruthenium. Precious metals containing production wastes are supplied by companies from the electronic, telecommunications and automobile industry as well as by companies from chemical, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical branches. Even small concentrations of these valuable metallic substances bring a worthwhile profit.

ROSEMETALS - a company that guarantees an optimum in recovering value. Company develops a specific recycling concept for every waste product. By means of detailed market analyses and yield-directed calculations, you are informed well in advance of every detail concerning the transaction as well as the proceeds to be expected.

Such is the essence of the matter - To know precisely the basic precious metal content of your waste material is of fundamental importance. This is the basis of your yield.

ROSEMETALS offers suitable processes for homogenizing, sampling and precious metal analyses for all types of material. Independent laboratories carry out these analyses. Precise results are guaranteed,  in close co-operation with internationally recognized refineries and metallurgical plants, ROSEMETALS  recovers your valuable materials for you.

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